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Valerie Orsoni: Healthy Living & Weight Loss Coach

Diet - Weightloss - Weight Loss - Health - Coach - Valerie Orsoni - Bootcamp You may have seen Valerie Orsoni in a magazine, on TV, or heard her on the radio, and you're probably wondering who she really is! Apart from being the face of Nestlé Fitness Cereals and the worldwide image of the Wii My Body Coach game, Valérie is also a published author and much more! Her bestseller "Le Personal Coach," published by Reader's Digest, is a must-have collection of simple secrets for getting fit and slim without the gym. Get your copy today & carry your coach in your handbag!



Sport - Weight Loss - Diet - Health - Valerie Orsoni(1) Valerie Orsoni is a mom: "My son keeps me on my toes :). So excuses like, "I cannot cook or I cannot exercise because I have children" do not work with me!"

(2) Valerie Orsoni has coached clients from Hollywood celebrities to the average American woman: "I coach celebrities - you know, those who say that they eat chocolate and party all the time without doing any exercise? Them! I get them ready for their next movie (muscle mass increase, weight loss, toning, flexibility, etc.). But I haven't kept my approach exlusive to Hollywood - not at all, in fact, I believe all women are the stars of their everyday hectic lives, and my goal is give you the full celebrity treatment at a fraction of the price!"

Sport - Weight Loss - Diet - Health - Valerie Orsoni

(3) Valerie Orsoni is an author: "I am not a writer; to say I am would be an insult to all the Henry David Thoreau's of the world ;), but I have published several works on coaching: in business, "Happy About Joint Venturing"; in anti-aging, "7 semaines pour rajeunir"; in health, fitness, and weight loss, the 30-DayBootCamp series including "30-DayBootCamp: Your Ultimate Weight Loss Plan" and  (French version: "Le BootCamp : 30 Jours pour Retrouver votre Poids Idéal"); "Le Personal Coach - A French Trainer's Simple Secrets for Getting Fit & Slim without the Gym" published by Reader's Digest; "Un Corps de Rêve pour les Nuls" (A Dream Body for Dummies) published by For Dummies - First; "Le Sarrasin, tous les secrets de la graine miracle" (Buckwheat - the secrets of a miraculous grain); as well as two recipe books, "Les 101 Recettes Minceur de la Coach des Stars" and "Les Recettes Orsoni".

(4) Valerie Orsoni is passionate about research : "I am surrounded by a staff of famous international experts: a professor, recognized by his colleagues in 2006 as the best US doctor in nutrition, an Olympic decathlon champion who is also a celebrity coach, nutritionists, life coaches, and a team of 4 researchers who analyze everything there is to know regarding studies on weight loss. My associates enable me to stay up-to-date and therefore offer you advice on only proven concepts... as well as ensuring that I am not limited to only one approach, so that our program evolves and progresses as new discoveries are constantly revealed." >> Read our science section

(5) Valerie Orsoni is an international Award Winner: of the Enterprising Woman Award in 2007 (USA); Goddess Artemis Award in 2008 (USA/Greece); Trofemina Award Finalist in 2009 (France); Silver Stevie® Award for Female Entrepreneur of the Year in 2012; and Bronze Stevie® Award for Female Entrepreneur of the Year in 2013.

(6) And most of all, Valerie Orsoni is Your LeBootCamp Coach: "I have a passion for health and fitness and helping people achieve their goals, and I hope you will sense this in the program I've created for you. I am always open to your comments, suggestions, and feedback, and hope to meet you in person the next time I am in your city!"

See you soon on-board the program!

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