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Nutrition program

Keto Smart

30 days to adopt a healthy ketogenic diet to lose weight & reduce body fat

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They lost weight with LeBootCamp

I lost 22 lb and 12% body fat!

I followed Valerie's doctor-recommended KetoSmart 30 program as well as LeBootCamp daily fitness routines and the 30 Days Plank Challenge.

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I lost 75 lb in 7 months and restored my health!

After years in a wheelchair and many chronic health issues, I stumbled on LeBootCamp and discovered a brand new way of living. I got my life back!

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I shed 40 lb at 62 years old!

That includes 7 inches off my waist and 5 inches off my thighs…I never dreamed I could feel this great as a grandmother. Thank you LeBootCamp!

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I lost 42 lb and transformed my body

Valerie's approach to food and fitness truly changed my life. I followed LeBootCamp, and topped it off with LeBodyChallenge, a 12-week fitness add-on program.

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I love my new body. 15 lb down and toned up!

Thanks to Valerie's targeted toning exercises, I got my bikini body at 55 years old!

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Total transformation in 2 weeks!

LeBootCamp, LeBodyChallenge, and 30 Days Plank Challenge helped me tone up and carve a beautiful figure in no less than 2 weeks.

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33 lb lost and feeling amazing!

At 33, I lost a pound per year of my age :) and I have more energy than ever before. Thank you Valerie!

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I finally slimmed down my waistline!

I followed Valerie's KetoSmart 30 and all of her fitness programs. The result? I lost 18 lb and I got my waist back!

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I lost 25 lb and toned up!

I dedicated one year to LeBootCamp and incorporated KetoSmart 30 + Valerie's fitness program add-ons.? So happy with my results!

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