Program KetoSmart 30
Healthy physical activity, every day
Combine regular physical activity, as simple as walking, with a balanced diet.
This is the best way
to achieve your ideal weight!

Choose your favorite activities to integrate into your days,
based on your fitness level and schedule.

LeBootCamp Fitness +:

Fitness Sessions at your fingertips

Discover hundreds of exercises in your virtual gym: bodybuilding, strength training, stretching, breathing, etc.
Valerie Orsoni guides you with detailed instruction to ensure you are working out correctly. All our exercises offer several levels of difficulty.

You can set your own goals and progress at your desired pace!


Track Your Progress!

Blog your physical activity every day: how long you walked for, number of accumulated steps, reps per exercise, etc. and enjoy watching your progress on your weight loss and body measurement charts!


Link your connected device with your LeBootCamp account to easily sync your fitness data with your blog.

The MetaBoost,
a unique cardio concept

Too busy and don't have time to work out? The MetaBoost is your solution: a simple exercise routine, ranging from 5 to 15 mins total, which you can do in your living room - or even your kitchen! Accelerate your metabolism with this highly effective routine.

The MetaBoost
Tone up
discreetly with
The 25th hour

These exercises are designed to fit seamlessly into your day by bringing the gym into your life, rather than the other way around. Transform daily life tasks from passive to active via some discreet fitness tricks! Valerie Orsoni has developed dozens of exercises to target every body zone. You can find these in your virtual gym of your private member space.

25th Hour
Start my coaching program
and become a BootCamper!