Program KetoSmart 30


A healthy mind in a healthy body, zero deprivation


The best way to reach your ideal weight is via a healthy, balanced, and natural diet - without any restrictions (yes, you can have your chocolate!).

Ready-made meals can be alluring, but they are packed with hidden calories. Put your health and weight in your own hands!

Zero forbidden foods + 150 foods you can eat without restriction = zero frustration = no yo-yo effect!

Learn to balance your menus thanks to a wealth of tips and slimming recipes. As you advance in your coaching program, continuously discover brand new dishes in your private member space. We offer recipes for all meals - from breakfast to dinner, including snacks.

LeBootCamp Recipes +:

Buckwheat, LeBootCamp's Flagship Food

Valerie Orsoni has recommended a gluten-free diet for many years, long before it became a widespread trend. Gluten is a protein found in many grains such as wheat, barley, rye, oats, spelt and kamut; it's role in baking is to provide elasticity to the dough. Studies show that limiting gluten coupled with a healthy balanced diet supports the detoxification of your digestive system and facilitates weight loss. Valerie herself is gluten-sensitive, and buckwheat has thus become the flagship food of the LeBootCamp method. Its extraordinary health virtues enable the body to naturally cleanse itself, thus promoting weight loss.

Sobacha is a tea made from the infusion of roasted buckwheat (also known as kasha). Reputed for its powerful antioxidant properties, buckwheat tea helps cleanse the body for more effective weight loss and supports ideal-weight maintenance.

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