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LeBootCamp offers a range of tools specifically created for your personalized coaching experience. All of these tools are available to you in your private member space. In your private space you'll find your questions to your coach, personal blog, weight curve, daily tips, videos from Valérie Orsoni's, hundreds of recipes and exercises, and more.

A range of tools to guide you daily

Questions to your coach:

Personalized support is the key to success! Ask our team of registered dietitians and LeBootCamp experts all your questions concerning nutrition, exercise, motivation, stress and sleep management, and more. You'll receive personal responses on how to adapt the program to your individual needs.


Personal Blog:

This is your journal, your program logbook. Blog what you eat, your physical activity, and your mood and feelings to stay on course and keep track of your progress. Your personal blog will also help your coach get to know you better and guide you efficiently for the entire duration of your weight loss journey. Remember to fill in your blog every day!


Weight Curve:

Record your weight daily and follow the evolution of your curve in relation to your weight loss goal. Nothing beats seeing a downward curve to boost your motivation!


Weekly Menus:

Each week you will receive new meal suggestions to lose weight without deprivation or frustration. All our balanced menus are designed by our team of registered dietitians. Love eating well? You've come to the right place! No boiled fish or bland vegetables here. Our recipes are easy to prepare and adaptable to family life.

Should you have food intolerances, allergies, or simply foods you don't like, no worries - our team will help you find appropriate substitutions so this program fully becomes yours.


Daily Roadmap:

Every day, Valérie Orsoni will share with you:

  • A video to start the day off right
  • A fitness tip
  • A nutritional tip
  • The recipe of the day to complement your menu
  • A bonus: motivational tip, recipe, new research, etc.

Valérie Orsoni's Daily Video:

Join your coach, Valerie, for a new weight loss secret, a fat-busting tip, an easy exercise, a motivational tip, etc.


Gourmet Recipes:

Your library of LeBootCamp recipes. Appetizers, main courses, and desserts: over 500 recipes for your daily meals. Looking for a particular recipe? We can create it for you, just ask your coach!



For lasting weight loss, one must eat healthily, think thin, and get moving! If your days are crazy busy, it's possible that you think you simply haven't got the time to exercise. This is why Valerie Orsoni has created MetaBoosts: a series of short and simple exercise routines (ranging from 5 to 15 minutes) which you can easily do from the comfort of your living room, or even in the kitchen!


The Gym:

All our fitness exercises organised in themed files (cardio, stretching, breathing, bodybuilding, etc.) and according to each body zone. Specific routines to hone and tone your body. For every fitness level from absolute beginner to super fit. In your virtual gym, you will also find Valerie Orsoni's MetaBoosts.


Weight Loss Articles:

Features on nutrition, wellbeing, fitness, family, and even beauty to enrich your health and wellness knowledge.


Weight Loss Calculators:

Crunch the numbers with our weight loss calculators. It's important to have tangible reference points in order to accurately assess and appreciate your progress on the program.


LeBootCamp Community:

Our Facebook group is exclusively for LeBootCamp members. Share your successes, ask questions, support and encourage one another, and meet people just like you who are starting the program. This community is an essential part of your motivation: a genuine support network for you every day.

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