Dietary rebalancing is much more successful when preceded by detoxification. A detox stimulates your body’s natural cleansing mechanisms and facilitates the elimination of toxins from your system. It allows you to begin working on your diet with a clean slate. The first phase of the LeBootCamp Diet is a 4 week Detox phase with 5 detox foods included in each day. Valerie Orsoni also created the “Turbo Detox Day”, a weekly refresher aimed at maintaining the benefits of the initial Detox phase.

Detox, your weight loss trigger

A toxin is a substance the body does not need to function or that requires energy to be eliminated. Our environment exposes us to many toxins and all sorts of pathogens: bacteria, parasites, viruses, pesticides, pollution, chemicals, etc. not to mention the toxins we ingest via our diet, especially processed foods which are high in additives and preservatives. Stress is also an often underestimated important source of toxins.

One of our body’s defense mechanisms against toxins, is to trap them in our fat cells (adipocytes) in order to neutralise their effect on our system. The more we absorb or produce toxins, the bigger our fat cells grow. Detoxification helps us not only to cleanse our bodies but also to clear out the fat stores caused by toxins.

A Detox phase will help you not only regain your energy and vitality, but also help you lose weight faster and more efficiently.

Detox: LeBootCamp's initial phase and foundational pillar

Although our body is fully equipped to cleanse itself, it cannot eliminate all the toxins that come its way. We need to help our body purify itself and limit its exposure to toxins. As a result our system can better concentrate on its vital functions and on the weight loss process. Detoxification is is therefore one of the 4 fundamental principles defined by Valerie Orsoni alongside glycemic stabilization, pH balance and no forbidden foods. Detox is also the first phase of the LeBootCamp Diet. During the initial 4 weeks, our menus include 5 detoxifying foods such as buckwheat, avocado, banana and apple.

The Detox phase will allow you to :

  • regain a bright and healthy complexion
  • raise your energy levels
  • easily shed the first few pounds
  • keep your motivation high  

During this Detox phase, certain foods such as red meat, farmed fish, eggs, sodas, aspartame, industrially produced ready meals, processed foods, and cow dairy products are taken out of our diet in favor of detoxifying foods such as organic fruit and vegetables, legumes, small wild fish (sardines, herring, mackerel and anchovies), wild salmon, nuts, seeds, organic lean meat, soy, whole grains, vegan nut milks and goat or sheep's milk.

The Turbo Detox Day (TDD): a Valerie Orsoni innovation

After the initial Detox phase, your body is cleansed of toxins. For durable weight loss, it is necessary to prevent our system from “re-toxifying”.

Valerie Orsoni is unique in prescribing a weekly Detox day “for life”: the Turbo Detox Day.

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