The Science behind the method

LeBootCamp is the most effective weight loss program thanks to its 4-phase structure and comprehensive approach, as well as the 4 scientific principles on which the program is founded. These principles are applied within every phase of the program. The 4 Orsoni principles are: no forbidden foods, body cleansing, sugar management and alkaline balancing.

4 fundamental principles applied to each of the 4 phases

No forbidden foods

Pas d’aliments interditsAll foods are allowed. At the center of Valerie Orsoni’s philosophy is nutritional balance which is essential to maintain your ideal weight in the long run. Banning foods leads to obsessive compulsive behaviour and causes increasing frustration. It also promotes excess consumption of other foods. The effects of deprivation are as much psychological as physiological in the manner in which it modifies metabolism, thereby causing the yo-yo effect (weight cycling). No food group is excluded in the LeBootCamp method. We're about a little bit of everything in moderation, and offsetting the effects of certain foods with “healthier” choices.


Body cleansing

Détoxification de l’organismeOur bodies are equipped to rid themselves of the toxins we ingest, produce, inhale or absorb. However, the combination of a sedentary lifestyle together with stress, pollution, junk food, pesticides etc. significantly raises our toxin levels, thus overwhelming our body’s cleansing functions. This is why the LeBootCamp program begins with a Detox Phase to cleanse our system, get our body in an optimal state, and start out on a healthy basis. We recommend one Turbo Detox Day (TDD) per week throughout the program. A cleansed body gets you a slim body!


Sugar management

Stabilisation de la glycémieWe generally consume far too much pure sugar (saccharose), and this is a primary cause in the rise of obesity. But, sugar isn’t the only culprit: high glycemic index foods such as white flour products, white rice, refined cereals, processed foods, etc., also transform our bodies into fat-storing machines. LeBootCamp teaches you how to manage your blood sugar levels by balancing your diet with low glycemic index and fiber-rich foods as well as favoring natural sweeteners such as honey or agave syrup.



Alkaline balancing

Équilibre acido-basiquepH expresses our body’s level of acidity. With a range from 0 to 14, acid to alkaline, 7 indicates a neutral pH, which is also that of pure water. Our body is composed of approximately 70% water; incidentally, its ideal pH is 7. An acidic body is a tired and vulnerable body. An alkaline body is a healthy and energetic body. Our dietitians create LeBootCamp recipes with your body's pH balance in mind, considering each ingredient's impact by including alkalizing ingredients such as lemon juice and limiting acidifying ones like dairy and red meat. LeBootCamp recommends that you regularly measure your body pH using strips you can buy at your local pharmacy.

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