Turbo Detox Day

In addition to the initial Detox phase, a special Turbo Detox Day (TDD) is adopted on a weekly basis for the long term. A Turbo Detox is a daylong focused cleanse that promotes the elimination of toxins and reboots weight loss by introducing 5 detoxifying foods into the day’s menu. Thanks to the Turbo Detox Day, you can maintain the benefits of the Detox phase throughout the LeBootCamp program and keep your system cleansed of toxins on a permanent basis.

Cleansed is good, remaining so is better

As time passes, just like our homes, our bodies don’t just "stay clean": stress, lack of sleep, pollution, a little junk food here and there, etc. Our bodies are geared for dealing with small amounts of toxins, but not for the influx they are constantly exposed to.

This is even more relevant in the midst of a weight loss program. When you lose weight, you break down fat cells (adipocytes) which also store toxins. Once these toxins are set free, they clog your system, sapping your energy and motivation and thereby undermining your efforts to get in shape. To offset this process, Valerie Orsoni introduced the Turbo Detox to be integrated for the long term.

During your TD Day, you will eat 5 detoxifying foods and exclude gluten, yeast, meat, eggs and all dairy products from your meals. Too restrictive? Not in the least. In your LeBootCamp private member space, you'll find a list of 150 all-you-can-eat foods that can be enjoyed without limit during the TDD and throughout the program.


Reaching the the goal of 5 detoxifying foods is easy: a buckwheat pancake for breakfast, Sobacha, lemon in your water, globe artichoke with garlic vinaigrette for lunch and you are already counting 5 detox foods. Add an apple and a banana for dessert or a snack and voila, you’re done!

Commit to this day and stick to it. Don’t skip it. If you accidently forget it, don’t fret (that would only create unnecessary stress leading to heightened cortisol levels and more toxins): simply do a Turbo Detox the following day and you'll be right back on track.

Decide on your preferred TD Day of the week and schedule it in your calendar, on your fridge, on a post-it-note at your desk. Make it impossible to forget! Wednesday is our recommended day of the week for a Turbo Detox.

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