Who is it for?

The Orsoni method is for anyone who wants to achieve their ideal weight in a balanced way and maintain it over the long term. The method, diet and fitness routines are adaptable for all lifestyles: whether you're more sedentary or active, male or female, a full-time mom or full time at the office, a cordon bleu chef or a cooking novice.

LeBootCamp, a universal weight loss method

The Orsoni method is an efficient and natural weight loss program for achieving and maintaining your ideal weight. Thanks to its balanced diet, the LeBootCamp program is adaptable to any lifestyle and will coach you to your ideal figure and energy levels.


I have a busy schedule

LeBootCamp offers menu suggestions for when you are eating out and guides you in your food choices on the go. Dining out at cafes and restaurants? We always have solutions and ideas for you! On the fitness front, with Valerie Orsoni's "25th Hour" approach, you will learn how to exercise easily and discretely on the go, so that you can actually tone up throughout your busy day.


I'm shopping and cooking for an entire family 

Looking after a family is a full time job! As a mother herself, Valerie Orsoni offers you a program where the whole family can actually eat exactly what you are, as the menus are fun, tasty, balanced and creatively designed by our team of registered dietitians. On the fitness front, you'll discover a wealth of exercises that can fit right into your busy days.


I'm on a budget / I live abroad / I have specific dietary constraints

The menus offered are suggestions to give you an idea of what you can eat to lose weight and enjoy yourself at the same time. That said, if a food doesn't suit your taste, your budget, your religious dietary restrictions, or is simply not available, we will guide you in finding a suitable substitution according to your preferences.


I want to stabilize my weight

Followed another diet and successfully lost weight but afraid you're going to pile it all back on? This is our forte! Thanks to LeBootCamp's balanced diet and smart fitness routines, our program enables you to stabilize your ideal weight easily and permanently.


I am a man

The program is as suitable for men as it is for women. The portions take into account men's greater needs and our dietitians address all questions concerning muscle gain.


I want to get back in shape and regain energy

Don't have much weight to lose but want to regain your daily energy? LeBootCamp will get you there! Thanks to its balanced diet, rich in detoxifying foods, complemented by regular physical activity, LeBootCamp will help boost your energy levels and get you in great shape.



I'm a senior

Being in great shape and feeling good about yourself even when you're a little older is very much possible!  LeBootCamp will provide you with a diet rich in antioxidants and minerals to promote good health, along with gentle physical activity such as walking.


I'm a new mom

Getting your pre-baby body back after childbirth is possible! Valerie Orsoni's weight loss program is suitable for young moms who want to get back in shape and find their ideal weight again in a healthy fashion. Whether you're breastfeeding or not, we will work with your specific needs to have you looking and feeling great in no time!

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