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Valerie Orsoni has recommended a gluten-free diet for many years, long before it became a widespread trend. Today, “gluten-free” labeled products are prominent on supermarket shelves and it is commonplace to find gluten-free foods in cafes and coffee shops. We've all heard about gluten sensitivity and celiac disease, and more and more dietitians and nutritionists recommend cutting back on gluten in our diet. But what effects does gluten really have on our body, our wellbeing and our figure?


What is Gluten ?

blé aliimentation sans glutenGluten is a protein found in many grains such as wheat, barley, rye, oats spelt and kamut. Its role in baking is to provide elasticity: a stretchy dough will trap the air bubbles created by the yeast thereby creating light and fluffy breads and cakes. This is also why it is more difficult to achieve a soft texture when baking without gluten.


Celiac Disease and Gluten

Celiac disease, also known as “gluten intolerance”, is not an allergy but a serious autoimmune illness rapidly and systematically triggered when gluten is consumed, even in very small quantities. Symptoms are diverse (diarrhea, chronic stomach pain, bloating, joint pain, skin rash, fatigue, swelling of hands and feet, etc.), are caused by the immune system attacking the gut lining. A simple blood test can reveal the presence of antibodies for this condition. Globally, an estimated 1% of the population suffers from celiac disease. A totally gluten-free diet is mandatory and symptoms gradually disappear as the intestinal mucosa heals. The “Gluten Free” (GF) label on food products is specifically designed for people with celiac disease. This strict certification is attributed to products containing under 2mg gluten per 100g.


Gluten Sensitivity

alimentation sans glutenLess serious than celiac disease, gluten sensitivity is just as much a cause for concern as more and more people are diagnosed with it. Valerie Orsoni herself is gluten sensitive. Although the symptoms are similar, they are much less acute but, given the ubiquity of gluten, this sensitivity can nevertheless affect one’s quality of life. People who experience gluten sensitivity are recommended to avoid gluten but are not bound to selecting only certified gluten-free foods. Depending on the severity of the intolerance one can occasionally indulge in a little bit of regular bread.


Gluten Free and weight loss

alimentation sans gluten et perte de poidsThe consequences of gluten sensitivity reveal themselves in the way it affects our health and markedly our weight. In grains such as wheat, vitamin E and gluten form a balance. Unfortunately, the milling and cooking process required to make bread, cakes or pasta destroys the natural vitamin E. Gluten then turns into a sort of glue that sticks to the gut wall causing intestinal putrefaction, thus hindering the absorption of vitamins and other nutrients. Consequently, the digestive system has difficulty cleansing itself naturally and will have the tendency to swell and bloat. Challenging to have a flat tummy under such conditions!

The avoidance of gluten coupled with a healthy balanced diet, will support the detoxification of  your digestive system and help you in your weight loss efforts. Not only will you regain digestion comfort and a flatter stomach but you will see your energy surge thanks to better vitamin and mineral absorption. And, with your new found vitality you will have more energy to get moving and further boost your weight loss!


Gluten-Free, Valerie Orsoni and LeBootCamp

Gluten is eliminated from the first phase, the Detox Phase of the LeBootCamp Diet, thus freeing our body from congesting factors and promoting the body’s natural ability to cleanse itself. By the same token, gluten is also removed from Turbo Detox Day and from the Booster Phase.

During the other phases, namely Attack and Maintenance, Valerie Orsoni suggests limiting your gluten intake. To that end, she encourages the consumption of foods such as chestnut, millet, rice, corn and tubers such as: potato, yam, tapioca, sweet potato, cassava, parsnip, etc, and, last but not least: buckwheat, the LeBootCamp Diet’s flagship food which happens to also be totally gluten free!

On the LeBootcamp program you will discover lots of tasty gluten-free menus and recipes.

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